Arina's Diary

      ❄️アリナのステキな日々とHAPPY EARTHの活動紹介❄️         ❄️My sweet life & HAPPY EARTH Activities!❄️

天才塾に参加しました Genius cram school

I introduced myself at Genius cram school.





最近フリースクールを始めて、この前、初めての活動をしました。ビーチクリーニングをして山元先生も来てくれました。名前はHappy Earth です。幸せな地球をイメージしてHappy Earthにしました。

I am Arina, 10years old. 

I sometimes write a comment on Mr. Yamamoto‘s article.

Recently, I started my free school and I did my first activity.

We did Beach cleaning!  Mr. Yamamoto came too😄

I imagined a happy earth and named my school "HAPPY EARTH".




The reason that I wanted to start free school is because some humans are greedy and damging our earth.  Those people think about only themselves.

But some humans are very nice  to everyone, and they care about everything!

The earth is like our mother, if we don’t have this earth we can’t live.

Animals and plants are born from the earth, helping us to live. 



I think this earth is a very beautiful  planet🌍✨

There is no other planet has very clean water, beautiful green trees, beautiful flowers and nature.  I think there is only this earth that we can live and if we lose it we can’t survive!!  Inside of my heart, I imagine very beautiful earth that nobody fights about anything, and has lots of animals and nature. It's beautiful planet.

And they helping us to live but why we are fighting, why we are  making this earth dirty.

No trees, no flowers, no animals, no insects, with a very dirty air in the sky turning black and black...., so I want to help the earth to be happy, because she has a heart too💓



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