Arina's Diary

      ❄️アリナのステキな日々とHAPPY EARTHの活動紹介❄️         ❄️My sweet life & HAPPY EARTH Activities!❄️

ポルトガルに行きました Camp in Portugal



Summer holiday, I went with my family to Portugal.

We have lots of family’s  in Portugal.

I was very exciting to fly to Portugal😆




そこでは、 1週間も親無しで過ごさなければなりません!


The most memorable time was going to a summer camp, me and my brother.

We needed to spend there for 7days without our parents!

I was little bit nervous.

But I got used it, and we did activities, playing outside, I had a lot of fun!  But I don’t know why before going to bed we  needed to have cookies and chocolate milk!?




その子は男の子で、『僕はロマンチックが好きなんだ。学校でこれを作って女の子たちにあげて人気になりたい!絶対にこれのプロになってみせる!教えて!』と言っていました💕 12歳です😮 まだ12歳なのに、ロマンチックになりたいっていう気持ちがいっぱいで私はとてもびっくりしました!

The best time was teaching to my friend how to make flower crowns.

He said, "I want to be romantic! I want to be a pro and give this to  The girls in my school!"  He was still 12.  I was very amazed, as 12 years boy can be such romantic😮



 I had a lot of fun in  Portugal 🇵🇹 ✨